Our History

Introduction For Pacific Camps By Mr. Bud Harley

It all started with a dream. Back in 1983, before leaving the Navy, I had the opportunity to work at a summer day camp in Oxnard, California. It opened my eyes to ministry in profound ways. I was amazed by the fact that I could not only interact and affect the lives of children, but that I could use that time of play as a way to talk to them about Jesus. Years later someone asked me the question “If time, money, education and any other resource was not a barrier – what would I do?” My comment then, as it is now, was to build an organization where relationships and Jesus would be intertwined.

That dream has been transformed into Pacific Camp Family Resource, Inc. At Pacific Camps we meet children’s needs in tangible and practical ways. There have been plenty of changes to our programming, budgets and staff, but the thing that will never change at Pacific Camps is our mission. We are here to “Build individual relationships with children so they and their families come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”.

Over the years we have realized another thing that will never change- the need for parents to find a quality program for their children where the staff will love them and keep them safe. This is key at Pacific Camps.

Why we do this.

We do this because it is our passion. We do this because we have been called. We do this because where else would we daily be blessed with…

  1. Watching a child jump and play.
  2. Looking at the eyes of a child when they learn how to make a lanyard and realize that they can create something worth keeping (or giving away).
  3. Seeing a child grow in responsibility as they learn about morals, friendships, and about the God who made them.
  4. Watching a child learn a song or sing and worship wholeheartedly and unhindered.
  5. Watching the face of a child when they listen to a joke that isn’t really that funny, but still laughing because laughing is just as much fun as the joke.
  6. Praying with a child as they accept the Lord into their heart.

Pacific Camps Child Care

Pacific Camps’ 501(c)(3) IRS status has allowed us to receive several Physical Education Grants in the past ten years from the Federal Department of Education. These funds have enabled us to enhance our summer and afterschool programs with portable rock walls, inflatables, climbing structures, playground equipment, skate ramps, and many other items.

We have also been blessed with other grants that allow us to reach some of the schools in our communities with teaching on abstinence and character building. These Federal Grants enable us to go beyond the walls of Pacific Camps to enrich our community in different ways.

Our growth

The first summer, we started with 35 registered campers. By the end of the summer, camp had grown to 110 campers.

In September of 1991, our Summer Camp expanded to include an after school program. This program began with 13 registered campers and by September 2010 averaged 450 daily campers.

In 1991 Pacific Camps began to expand to multiple sites. Presently we now have ten locations in California and South Carolina.

In 2011, Pacific Camps will serve approximately 2800 children and their families with an average summer camp daily attendance to reach an all time high. This year additional camps in both Oregon and Nevada have been opened.

Lord willing, within the next 3 to 5 years, continue to grow the Pacific Camps Ministry will continue to grow across the nation. Our goal is to be international within the next 5-10 years. In this stage of growth we might not know where God will send us or which communities we will serve. But, we do know one thing for certain: Wherever He sends us our mission will be the same to “Build Individual relationships with children so they and their families come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”.

Mr. Bud