Our Vision

Pacific Camps is committed to investing in children, within the context of their whole lives. This inevitably leads to an investment in families. The long-term goal is to enlarge the program to eventually include a family life center and a retreat area. This center would offer marriage and family counseling, parenting skill classes and other parent/child resources. It's envisioned to become a reality within 10 years.

More immediate goals focus on more immediate concerns for the children. So much of a child's time is spent in school. Like all school districts, schools are overcrowded and under funded. While we praise the teachers in our local schools for their valiant efforts, we believe there is room for alternative educational opportunities. We are convinced that every city would benefit by another private camp/school. Pacific Camp's intention is to add one or more grade levels each year.

Our vision is to continue to expand Pacific Camps across the nation and to be international within the next 5-10 years. This vision includes hosting like-minded ministry people who will come to Pacific Camps as a training resource, so they can implement the same program in their own area.